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Research results is the collective term for all the results of a research project. They describe the data, source code and all digital objects on which publication results are based. These include the tools used to collect and process the research data. The following links offer the possibility to add research results to the repository, but also to search for the results of other people.


The section of publications covers citations from several areas. Open Access papers are imported from Pure. Publications from Open Access publishers are shared. Digital copies are offered. University publications are made available to a wide range of people. The following link offers the possibility to search among publications.

Educational Resources

In this area, you can upload your openly licensed educational content (OER, Open Educational Resources) and search for educational resources uploaded by others. Your uploaded content will be automatically transferred to the To upload something in this area, an OER certificate and activation of your account is required.

Recent uploads

2023 Hochschulschrift Open Publication

Energiewirtschaftliche Betrachtung von Hochwasserrückhaltebecken in der Steiermark

Hochwasserrückhaltebecken Stromerzeugung Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Laufkraftwerk energetische Nutzung flood retention basin hydroelectric power plant hydropower production hydro power pump storage runoff hydroelectric power plant
2023 Hochschulschrift Open Publication

Determining the stability of topical superconductors

hydrides crystal structure prediction machine-learned force fields density functional theory density functional perturbation theory self-consistent harmonic approximation
2023 Hochschulschrift Open Publication

High aspect ratio structures in microfluidic channels for vortex chromatography

Mikrofluidik Hohes Aspekt Verhältnis Photolithographie UV-Nanoimprintlithographie Chromatographie Microfluidics high aspect ratio photolithography UV-nanoimprintlithography chromatography

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