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2023-09-27 Other Open


Sanchez-Solis, Barbara ; Barotanyi, Brigitte ; Lutz, Brigitte ; Strassnig, Michael

research data management
shared rdm services and infrastructure
public sector
Uploaded on September 27, 2023
2023-09-15 (Version 1) Other Open

Supplementary Data to Publication: Microstructure, tensile strength, and hardness of AA5024 modified with ZrH4 additions produced by Laser-Powder Bed Fusion

Minkowitz, Lisa ; Buzolin, Ricardo Henrique ; Arneitz, Siegfried ; T. Amancio-Filho, Sergio

additive manufacturing
grain refinement
aluminium alloys
laser powder bed fusion
Uploaded on September 15, 2023
2023-09 (1.0) Dataset Open

Crossroad Camera Dataset - Mobility Aid Users

Mohr, Ludwig ; Kirillova, Nadezda ; Possegger, Horst ; Bischof, Horst ; Graz University of Technology

Uploaded on September 15, 2023
2023-09 Journal article Open

Modelling the anisotropic inelastic response of polymeric scaffolds for in situ tissue engineering applications - Preprint

Terzano, Michele ; Wollner, Maximilian P ; Kainz, Manuel P ; Rolf-Pissarczyk, Malte ; Götzen, Nils ; Holzapfel, Gerhard A

Uploaded on September 8, 2023

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