Published November 8, 2022 | Version v2.0
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TRNSYS Type 842: Model for the transient simulation of bulk PCM tanks with immersed fin and tube heat exchanger (Version 2.0)

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The simulation model Type 842 was developed at the Institute of Thermal Engineering, Graz University of Technology, within a national research project (2006). The model enables the detailed simulation of PCM (phase change material) tanks with an immersed fin and tube heat exchanger.   

The storage is assumed to be of rectangular shape and charged/discharged via an integrated fin and tube heat exchanger. Heat transfer (conduction) within the PCM is only considered in the direction of the tubes, thus the model is only suitable for heat exchangers with small distances between the tubes (see documentation).

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We want to keep track of who is using the model. Therefore, if you would like to download the files, please write an email to We will then send you a link for the download.

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The Austrian ministry BMVIT is thanked for the financing of the following projects:

  • "Fortschrittliche Wärmespeicher zur Erhöhung von solarem Deckungsgrad und Kesselnutzungsgrad sowie Emissionsverringerung durch verringertes Takten, Projekt zum IEA-SHC Task 32" Proj. Nr. 807807
  • "N-GL. IEA SHC; Task Solarthermische Anlagen mit fortschrittlicher Speicher-technologie für Niedrigenergiegebäude" Proj. Nr. 805790


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